About Us

LELLOBABY was founded when a pair of creative parents set out to design an ideal nursery for their own newborn. They visited all of their local shops then surfed the internet to find the perfect pieces. After finding their ideal crib, their ideal dresser, and of course the perfect wall decals for their theme. What we could not find was a diaper assistant. Everything out there just didn't quite fit our needs. What started as a joke of "it hasn't been invented yet" soon took us on a wild journey to create the perfect nursery accessories. This began simply as a DIY project for our baby, and quickly developed into something much, much more. After our friends and family saw our designed tray, they provided the encouragement and motivation to share this with the rest of the world.
 Since our inception, we have taken the concept of our LELLOBABY Tray and expanded into a few options for different space and layout arraignments. We meticulously work on improving our product designs with feedback our vast customer base. LELLOBABY constantly works to expand our offering to the community.
We LOVE our LELLOBABY tray and know you will too!
And if you're wondering where we came up with our catchy name? Ryan, our first born's first favorite color is Yellow but he still pronounces it as LELLO